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X Astounding Moma Museum Christmas Cards

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X Astounding Moma Museum Christmas Cards moma christmas cards

Published at Tuesday, 14 November 2017 by in Christmas Season, with total 21 photos.

Just about everyone loves candy, especially kids. And anyone who loves candy will really love home made candy. Because home made candy is made with love, and is special. Anyone can head down to the candy shop and grab some candy, get it wrapped and in 5 minutes youve got a gift all worked out.

But you need to start with some good Recipes. if you havent made candy at home before. There are some extremely simple home made candy recipes available, and if youre confident following simple instructions youll be making great candy in no time at all.

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X Astounding Moma Museum Christmas Cards

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Set the kids up with their artwork and old cards and get them to cut their work down to a size that will fit neatly onto your card. If you are using a standard card size of 148mm x 105mm (A4 cut in half, then folded in half) a square of 90mmx90mm will fit nicely. Accuracy isnt important; it will add to the overall charm of the cards. Get a pile of these and keep the leftover pieces too - they can be used to create a collage.

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